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#IAMNOTPLASTIC The straw that will help you make the change

Milkshake with #IAMNOTPLASTIC Straw

#IAMNOTPLASTIC The straw that will help you make the change

Do you ever consider what happens to a plastic straw when you throw it away after getting a drink and using it? And… I’m sure it has happened at least once to each of us to find any kind of plastic thrown on the ground.

What you probably didn’t know is that plastic objects, such as straws, will take decades or hundreds of years to decompose. Each time we throw away a plastic object, it ends up in a landfill and takes centuries to decompose.

Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing issues of our time. No matter where you live, whether in a small or big town or even in the country, plastic leaves no place untouched.

Milkshake with #IAMNOTPLASTIC Straw

Plastic objects, even disposable ones, are used for a few minutes, after which it will take decades or even millennia to decompose. Plus, the way this precious resource is used is a blow to any country’s economy, and a radical overhaul of our behavior and our view of our surroundings is needed, not only for nature but also for the economy of the country we live in. Plastics are an indispensable part of our everyday lives. However, despite the convenience and safety they bring to us as consumers, these materials harm the environment in a variety of ways.

Every year, about 8-12 million metric tons of plastic enter the world’s ocean — it means that an average of one garbage truck is dumped into the ocean every minute. The consequences for marine species are catastrophic. In most cases, these animals suffer from behavioral changes linked to chemical pollution; in others, they are seriously injured or killed by ingesting these objects. Around 1,455 tons of plastic are floating in the Mediterranean Sea alone and plastic debris is found all over the length and breadth of the seabed, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want the straw you drink soda with to be among them and do so much harm not only to nature but also to the economy of the country you live in now. 

Don’t you think that we have done enough harm so far and that we should do something to change that? The change I’m talking about lies in the power of everyone, in every individual, and you’re here because you have the mindset of “change starts with me” not the mindset of “everyone else is doing it anyway, I wouldn’t change anything”.

We are fighting a battle against critical environmental issues, and we have come up with a solution that can change the world. We want to make every effort to save our planet and also make sure that it continues to be habitable for all living things in it. We are putting all of our efforts into making this happen and we hope you will help us by supporting us so that we can carry on with our mission.

So why do nothing and simply sit there? Be a part of our cause and help us all out. You can do so. I know you want to improve the world so badly that even purchasing a recyclable straw will result in major economic and environmental changes for your beloved country.

Everything we make is biodegradable or made from plants, and we do this for you and nature. Our straws are nature-friendly and compostable, made from plant-based materials, compostable, recyclable, and reusable. Consider the most effective action you can take right now, then implement it. Stop waiting around; every second you waste waiting is time sacrificed for nothing.

We are counting on you to behave fairly and honestly and show kindness!


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